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Help me Bunches

Measuring out the springs

The bottom springs come out 35.3 inches and the back is 32.4. With 28 on the bottom and 20 on the back they add up to 1636.4 inches thats a bunch.

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From Jason on the Edge

Just the base of the couch

Here is a top view of the mase of the couch. I'm not sure about the mounting of the corner feet but I'm sure I'll figure it out when I get there, any ideas?

Top and bottom seprate for easy moving

This is going to ba a big couch so I've decided to make the back detachable from the base. to do this there the top and bottom come together I'm going to use big Blots plus the frames are going to fit nice and snug. Now the border of the frames bouth top and bottom are going to be 2 X 6 (in actual measurements its 1 and a 1⁄2 inch X 5 and a 1⁄2 inch. Thanks Wikipedia) . And across the frames there are 2 (1.5) X 4 (3.5) placed about 4 and a 1⁄2 inch appart. That I hope will make it all very strong. The feet are 4 (3.5) X 4 (3.5) X 3 and a 1⁄3.

Just the couch frame

Here is the couch with the springs I'm planing to make the frame out of a softwood probably a pine. Everything I've read says to use hardwood or rather by a frame that is hardwood. There reasoning is that a soft wood frame is stapled together and the staples will eventually come apart and start to squeak. I'm going to use dowel construction that should last for a very very long time.

Couch without cushions (see the springs)

Here is the frame with out the couch I'm going to use Sinuous springs (also known as zigzag, or no-sag springs). With a one inch spacing for the base and a two inch spacing for the back. This is really important for the comfort and feel of the couch I'm making big guesses but from what I've read this should do.

The Couch Project

Here is my next project. Making a couch the whole thing upholstery and all. The couch u see here is mocked up in Maya. It is 7 feet across 3 feet deep with a 2 foot back. I've never done a couch before so here we go. I'll post this project as go. Hopefully it all turns out ok.

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