Saturday, June 30, 2007

Friday, June 29, 2007

Day 14

I'm up its 9:10am Saturday here in Sydney and 4:10pm Friday in Los angeles. I will be headed out at 1:45pm Saturday Sydney time and arrive 10:07am Saturday Los Angeles time. Crazy but before that I have some biz to take care of. I'll post a picture on the blog when I'm back in town. See ya all soon I'm missing home and friends.

Night 13

Its the night before I head off and I'm trying to stay up all night here to acclimate to L.A. time. So here I am typing hoping to get off on a tangent that will help the hours go by quickly.

I find my eye catches so much, a gift I think. It sucks 'cause I'm here at a nice hotel and I immediately saw flaws here and there. The attention to detail is something I have, but most of the times I just live with it the little flaws. My brothers don't have the ability to not let little things get to them. So they try to fix them, clean it up, or just take care of it. I'm sure it helps in there respective fields but to me it makes them seem a little anal-retentive. Not in a bad way just one that I can't do. Like I just don't care that there is a mess on the ground or a spec on the kitchen door. I'm going to start to indulge that bit. I think it produces good things in ones surroundings, I could do with a little of that. So maybe I will be able to be... attention detailed about everything I can touch.

I've been getting colds a lot these last four months. It kind of worries me but the doctor I saw just before I left on this trip suggest that I'm a healthy twenty-five year old. Thats great but doesn't really help me much. I could start washing my hands all the time. I don't know, there doesn't seem to be a 'cause. Well there is one real change in all that time... I'm trying to get all out of life I can get, think of that lazy Jason going all out on the world. I love sleeping and I think if I just sleep more I'll be fine, but screw that the doc is right I'm healthy I am in the summer of my life and I want to enjoy as much of it as I can. I did get the doc to give me some antibiotics. I put them in my bag that is some where in LAX. When I get back I'll take them hopefully that will boost my immune system. I'll see if I can find some alternative as well. Korean style.

Maybe I'll write more in a bit.

Day 13

I was up again before dawn amazed how late the party animals are out. They have a lock out system. That after a certain time they wont admit new faces to the bar and once you leave your out. That means the party can go till sunup. Any ways I'm on a plane to Sydney for my last day its sad but I've had a really good time and I have an idea for my next trip. I'll save that for later.

I've got a room with room service and bummed out in the hotel sleeping all day so far. I love sleep only if I could get more, oh well.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day 12

Well I woke up with a pretty good hangover, that was one good night. I checked out of my room and headed back to cairns. Its a sad day, I had to give my harley back. Its a sad end to a beautiful relationship, but its back with out too many scratches. I'm hanging out at a nice hotel, just came back from dinner. I had Swiss for dinner it was delicious. Maybe some drinking tonight?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Day 11

Um nothing really happened today it was just a relaxing I tried to get on a boat to go see the reef but no luck. So I went down to the beach lounged out on a towel read and watched the kite suffers zoom around. I did find some cool people to drink with and got massively drunk, good times.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Day १०

I'm in beautiful Cairns this morning its a nice day so far. I couldn't find an internet cafe these last three days but I wrote a log along the way hope you enjoyed it.

I went up to kuranda, the drive up was epic. By epic I mean curvey's, I'm scared to death of laying down a motorcycle in a curve and running into on coming traffic. Scares me to death and all day I was standing in front of that fear. Fuck me going up was ok then coming back was hard and the ride to Port Douglas was enough for my heart to explode. I did get it at one point I knew how to just commit and ride it out. Other than that I took the a gondola ride over the rain forest it was amazing so beautiful, really cool.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Day ९

Off to explore Townsville...

I didn't find anything really, so I'm driving up the coast to cairns.

I'm at Cairns now and checked into a very nice hotel. I chilled relaxed took a long hot bath I was so wet from the rain showers this morning on my way to cairns.

I tried to go out but to no luck in finding any cool people.

Day 8

Out at the crack of dawn freezing my ass off the speed limit was 100km but I could only force myself to about 50km about 20 min into it I started going 70km and only gained 10km in the next hour or two. I found a rest stop and walked around to warm up my frozen body. The stop had a volunteer opening a free coffee tea place. I gave her a hand and she started heating up some water. That was fine by me I needed time to let my body warm up. I'm not really geared for the cold, hell I'm not really geared with anything but the essentials. Well the sun started to blaze and I continued on the journey.

Out on the road where there is nothing but track in front of you and the natural world around you something awesome happens. Its why I think I like motoring around for vacation, I'm meditating on the road, constant vigilance, yet never the less in a deep state of nothing, one thing, or all things. Awe is what I'm constantly feeling from the deep calm to the scary reality of going 120km with nothing between you and the road. I must be crazy to love this.

on the road again I'm trying to get far today, we will see.

I made it to Townsville thanks to Des. So I've been riding up all day enjoying the beauty of the land watching the sky age . From young morning spunk, to full out bravado of noon , and finally the wizened sunset; all beautiful all where great as I came up to Bowen. I didn't want to stay there but with my healthy fear of kangaroos I didn't want to head north two hours to Townsville. So I tried to get a room but all of the hotels where full-up. So I went back to my bike frustrated and contemplating the drive north. Would hitting a kangaroo going 100km + be all that bad. Most of the road kill I saw where small I could take, Right? No probably not but the alternative would to go bum it out on the beach. Then maybe my fear of the innocent marsupials is wrong I should ask a local. So I asked a guy that was loading up his car that was right next to my bike.

"Are kangaroos really that bad at night?".
"Sure they are especially if your on a bike", he singles toward toward the Harley. "Why do you ask?".

I tell him and he tells me about his love for motorcycles and his long distance trips around Australia. He offers to lead the way(like some vanguard), thats where he happens to be headed. I agree and we set off, he tells me that he'll call around to the motels see if any of them had a room. Halfway up we stop for dinner and I ask what he does, I'm still trying to figure out the real consideration he is giving me as being one of the nicest things a complete stranger has ever done for me. He is an electrical engineer working on various things that are really cool. I tell him mine and its truly just a nice thing he is doing without anything negative. We stop outside of Townsville I thank him and we part ways. I get my room and fall directly asleep. Thanks Das. That was a long 12 hour day.

Day 7

Leaving Brisbane this morning at the crack of dawn was cold so cold. About a half an hour in to the chilly ride it started to rain which succeed in freezing me strait down to the bone. I'm in Gin Gin the nicest town in Queensland at thats what the sign to the town said I'm going to rest up and see if I can get some warm long johns or something this next leg of the trip will go quickly just covering a grand stretch of tarmac. The ride this morning was stunning as it was cold, beautiful open spaces with rolling hills, and blue mountains in the distance. Sugar cain and cows all along the way, I didn't know they had either one of those here.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Day 6

Friday - I'm stopped and I can't wait to get going again. This is a nice part of time, I'm just stopped not moving on a moving vacation. Things are going stale and I can't wait for morning.

I am meeting some very interesting people not all from here but I must be stranger to them then me. Most people have a very good assumption about what an American. I break all most all of those which weirds out people. Its funny, I learning what this part of the world thinks of us. Most Americans that people out here meet are 18 in the armed forces and full of it. As any 18 year old there balls out going to live there own personal dreams without the consideration of others. That was me at that age path finding, cutting a trail in this strange forest call the real world. Age is probably the biggest factor but consideration age is given me.

Consideration is reflection on something and its meaning or need. To be considerate to someone is to see that persons meaning given the context of the situation and getting the need of that person. If you don't get it, that need then if the other person is considerate to you then they miss your meaning to them and your need to understand your need. Its funny I think that is what wise people are at any age, good at getting consideration. Its funny that if you give someone what they need before they ask you are considered considerate of them and there needs. But most likely you never cared you just did without thought of the other person just the things. Funny all that.

There are people in my life that need things that I do not understand, or more so I don't get there needs that they are expecting out of me. For instance my parents more so my mom, now fellas I know you can understand where I coming from and ladies I know you just might but its going to be hard for you. My mom would love me to call her as much as possible twice a week maybe three times. I know this but I don't understand it mind you I love my mom(Mom I do Love you), but this need to have some physical contact is not in my own needs so I just don't understand it. I think its an independence thing, as a guy I suppose to be the hard dependably pillar able to support and protect my family. In that my family harvested me to that end, giving me what I needed to get to this point. Making me support myself and awarding me with the respect of doing so. I think very deep down I would love to call my mom every day but out of a need for support, selfishly I would ask her to hear all of my problems and not tell me what to do unless asked.But that not really what my mom wants me to cal for, she wants the emotional support that her loving son would always give out of love. There is the impasse I know her need for support but would it be different if she gave me her support or would that undermined my own ability to support my family. I don't know I think it might so I don't see a solution just a problem to force my way past. Sorry for all that babble I'm just thinking on this page take it for what it is.

On other thought I love my mac book, especially this "TextEdit" program I'm using to write this. It does the basic functions I would now expect out of any program of this type: An instantaneous spell checker; A integrated dictionary; and a talk back function. This would have been helpful when I was learning how to write with my dyslexic head. Kids that have this dictionary version of dyslexia my farther and his father passed down to me forces the kid to know the big picture to figure out all the small stuff. Thats a problem in all schools I know 'cause schools/teachers teach all of the little things to start at an understanding of the big things.

Most people know dyslexia has to do with being backwards but most people can't think like anyone else, so there is the problem. Like the right handed people(the majority) and the left handed people(the minority), there was a time that all people where taught how to write with there right hand. Teachers found enough people that would have a difficulty with this seaming simple task. Out of fear that the kid in question was sick with a disease tried to eradicate it by pounding into the kids head how one should write. Now people are the best adaptors, so kids learn but some figured out if they just use there other hand they where much better. There is nothing wrong with being left handed or dyslexic. Its just trying to figure out the other way that comes easy to kids.

I think its the big picture, I know I knew what a word looked like in a general since, but I wouldn't know how to make that happen unless I remembered every relationship of the parts of the words. Even more simply the sequence of hand movements to write a letter the best cast is the lower case letter 'e' now it has a distinct pattern. You will notice in kids with this that in there writing the letter 'e' is capitalized. This is because the kid knows there 'e' is never right but they can make 'E' look right due to its simple relation if you know the pointy bite always point in -> that direction then its easy but the lower case one goes right up kind or left then kind of down till your past where you started and then right again till you are curving up again. now that sounds complicated if you have to think of every step. Thats how I had to think about it it wouldn't just happen in fact thats the think. Kids like me have to think of all kinds of little things most people take for granted.

So the kid seems to be slow dim in the things that they have little understanding of the kid would sound smart when they talk about something they know lots about(due to the familiarity with talking and the subject-mater) but when asked to write all of this down most of us fail not 'cause the knowledge is missing but the ability to put it down on paper. And when your system is a paper system it become near impossible for the kid to do it. I know it did for me for a long time in face this little notebook helps me now with all of the little stuff with its cool functions that I'm able to write all this down now. Making an 'e' or an 'E' is easy no small problems. I can always look a definition to confirm its the word I'm looking for and to get the a little more info I can ask this thing to say it back to me. Funny I wonder if kids like me in the future are going to get to write with there other hand.

Funny I just wrote a lot of stuff, crazy well if you read it all good job you and if it made sense good job me, any ways I'm starving so I'll go get breakfast.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Day 5

A day to chill I not in the mist of a hangover even though I tried my best last night. I'm going to stick around here for a few days I heard the place I'm staying is a big Friday hang out. We will see. In the mind time I going to chill today maybe the zoo but who knows. Maybe not I think I'm just going to chill.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Day 4

Last night was a blast and has left me with a killer headache its lunch time and its still going strong. I hope the crocodile I just had helps. thats some good eats. I'm in surfers paradise its nice; great beach and a ton of resorts, but not a whole lot of bars so I'm going to head up the coast if the weather doesn't scare me off. Its cold and gray maybe it will rain I hope not. Well off I go...

I'm now in Brisbane I think I'm going to stay for a couple of nights. Should be fun. My head is killing me last night was just a little too much fun.

Day 3

Day Three, Rain at dawn. I left that small little town just as the sun was rising. It was raining hard enough to soak me to the bones. My feet are still wet but no worries. Its nice now and I'll be in byron bay in two-three hours, the sun is up and the sky is clear. My ears are still ringing from the rush of the wind going 100km past me. I like it here this winter isn't really that cold and the people are great. Un-assuming and friendly, good times.

Well I've been riding long enough to let my mind to relax and ponder on the really hard questions. Right now in my life the big one is why do I work, what is work to me? Well I was brought up getting told "when you grow up do something you love". Now thats hell of something to say least of all do. I've been in love, my first love lasted up to the point that we annoyed each other. Maybe thats how it goes with all first loves, but what of first loved jobs? Well I love my job at least I did at one point, then I was annoyed and tired. At one point I wanted to quit all together but didn't out of consideration to my fellows in the trenches. Its just not right to leave the ones you care about high and dry. Well I've been getting over my annoyed-ness and started to love my job again, and in doing so my love is maturing into something greater. Thats where I am now coming to realizations of what it means to work.

Why; lots of people work for means getting paid to pay for things that one needs to survive. but the advice I was given early on hinted an a bigger and better reason to work. What work is to me is now more important to me now especially if I'm ever going to answer the big why. What, well its a sanctuary where me and my buds make games. But more so its where I find purpose, but I want to be good real good at what I do. The better I get the better I fell, the more accomplished. maybe thats my "WHY". Maybe its to feel growth in life, like a tree. Slowly growing every season in as evenly as I can get.

What I do doesn't seem that important anymore. Well I just fix things, I work in a department that takes stress off of others by making things work as smoothly as possible. A mechanic, simple non-assuming, if it works great, if it doesn't its probably just the simplest part is broken. The simple things are given the least amount of thought and because of this there are the first thing to break down.

I wondering if I'm actually going to publish this on my blog the babbling of my mind. Just incase I do and you are reading this don't think I'm crazy. In fact I am but there is no reason to treat me any differently because of it.

Off to byron bay...

A little later I made it to byron just before sunset good thing to `cause I kind of froze my ass off coming up. but some amazing views up in the mountains. I'm going to go and party now but before that a little update on my bags... wait for it... There somewhere in sydney but not with me I'll see if I can get them on the phone tomorrow.

Take care I'm getting drunk, Cheers!

Day 2

Day two still some gloom. No luck with the baggage united can't find them and they don't answer the phone so I still don't have my stuff and looks like I might not get it but whatever all of the crucial stuff I needed I had on me; well there is me, my jacket, laptop, camera, gps, helmet, and a good book. What I don't have that will make U'all sad is my connector for my camera or a power supply for it. so unless i go out and buy one no pictures till I get back my bag.

This morning I left the hostel determined not to let my baggage situation kill my mood this is an adventure and it going to be killer. I took a cab to the bike shop to get the bike its so pretty. Well we where going over the paper work and she runs my card, Trouble. Denied so I call the international number on the back of my card and nothing but bad news. Did you know that Saturday and sunday and monday are all considered a single bizzness day? Well I didn't and due to that I was overdrawing to get the bike. So I was given some crap about pulling it out and doing a runabout way of getting the cash well I gave it another call and the bank gave me a emergency only increases for the day, Ya Vroom Vroom. So it went through and they lived happily ever after.

Well its really weird to be driving on the left. The bike is nice mostly its just like mine at home but a bit different. Its going to be a great ride....

Awhile latter. I found a place to stay in a small town some 100km out of Sydney. I wasn't up to a longer ride after this mornings excitement and the jet lag thats just hitting me. Tomorrow should be the big drive I'm going to see if I can make it to surfers paradise or Byron bay.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Day 1

I made it to Sydney in one peace but my bag I checked on did not make it, out of California. My flight was Los Angeles(LAX) to San Fran(SFO) to sydney, but my flight from LAX to SFO was delayed two hours so I caught a sooner flight so I could make the plane to Sydney. I guess my bags didn't make it hopefully united will get my bag sent to my logging in the morning. If they get here early I'm out of here headed north.

About that when I got into town I caught the train into town and stopped by the opera house(that thing is awesome). Then I started walking with out regard to where I was going till I found a Mc D's(nothing like Mc D's to make you feel at home). Then I formed a plan Step one find a strip that has a lot of bars; Step two find a hotel. So I was walking around and found a strip after asking around then I came to a hostel. Now I've never stayed at a hostel so I'm giving it a try, its kind of wild I wish I did some backpacking back when I got out of school. I can now see how someone with out much money can get by and travel the world.

So its about 1:45pm on sunday. I lost Saturday all together its kind of messing with my head. I need to figure how to stay awake to get my body use to the time change. Maybe some walking around there's the sydney tower, and... don't know but after all that I'm getting drunk and parting it up.

Sorry there are no pics that cord is in my other bags. Till next internet cafe its time for adventure.

P.S. - to everyone that told me to be safe, I must regret but I can not act-que-est to your request, so no but I will come back well maybe.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Real Map

Heres my map for real this time, I think this one will work.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Trip Down Under

I'm going to Australia on Friday for a two week vacation a little R&R on a Harley-Davidson soft tail heritage. Well its going to be my first trip over an ocean, its something like 14 hours from here to Sydney. I pick up my bike on Monday and ride off in to the sunset, or as the story goes. I'll have my Mac Book and camera so when I can I'll update this blog. The title is a link for my trip on Google maps I'll edit that too as I go `cause the route might change as I go.,+NSW,+Australia&daddr=Mt+White,+New+South+Wales,+Australia+to:Tamworth,+New+South+Wales,+Australia+to:Armidale,+NSW,+Australia+to:Tenterfield,+New+South+Wales,+Australia+to:Byron+Bay,+NSW,+Austral

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