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My couch, or at least it's frame :-)

That's it I made a couch now I have to figure out the foam, the dense foam, and the fabric. Lisa wants the fabric to be washable and I think I have a few ideas. I be sharing them later.       

Couch spring knots

Tying the twine from one spring to the next took a long while. I used a constrictor knot, and that knot needed to be just so to have a little tension on each side of the spring that your tying.

Couch s-springs clips

Now my work flow was strait forward I measured from both sides the spacing I wanted. When I first started to install the clips I tried to pre drill the holes for my screws, and I broke three bits before I gave that up. At that size there just so small I ended up just drilling in the screws with the pre drill. This worked great for the initial screw I went a head and put in the spring using mini bolt cutters to cut the spring at my predefined tension. There are fore holes in the clip and my original plan was to use three of them and good thing too. When I was screwing in the screws to tighten on the spring some of the screws would break. At first I would take the spring off and try to remove the screw but this was killing me. So I decided to just use the other hole and that did it. No problem, well not much of a problem on a few I still had to take it a part get the broken screws out and redo it.

Couch frame

Using pine 2x's makes the frame heavy making the feature of being able to separate the back and the bottom a must have. The frame of the back and bottom are made out of 2x6s. For the back this is perfect and for the bottom it's just a little too shallow. I'm a dense 190 pounds when I sit on the couch and adjust I tend to bottom out just a bit. Where my girl doesn't at all. If I where to do it over again I would go with 2x8s, and now I have to decide if I'm going re do the bottom or not. A friend of mine reminded me that I have owned a lot of imperfect furniture that I just got use to. In fact my current couch is a futon that is years pass due of a replacement. So I think I will keep it and see I could always make another one. :-)

Couch springs

The springs I'm using are s-springs they are easy to install. I learned that when your putting them in how much tension you put on the springs determines the stiffness.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I have a couch!

So I have a couch an un-upholstered frame and bare springs couch. Now I figured I would share what I have learned on my let's call it an experimental couch.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Knots 4 Strings

Im using a constrictor knot to tye the springs together.

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